Gallery Services

Gift Certificates- Choose a gift certificate for that special someone on your gift list. Any denomination can be purchased. (Specific payment requirements may apply.)

Wish List- Come in at anytime and record a "wish list" from our expansive collection! We will hold that list until your birthday. Your special someone can come to the gallery and choose an item* from your list and receive 10% off their purchase! What can be better than getting exactly what you want? We make that easy!

Bridal Registry- Come on in and make a list of any item you see in our gallery. When your "gifter" comes in to buy something for your special day, we will give them 10% off their purchase*! Almont wishes you an originally, amazing wedding day!

*If the one-of-a-kind item is not in the gallery when your date arrives, we will suggest something similar from the artist of your choice. We just cannot guarantee that your item will be in stock. Many of our artists are willing to create a close replica of your original item if possible. Keep in mind that it may take a bit of time for them to reproduce some items.

Commissions- Many of our artists can create custom artwork for you. We have a many incredible portrait artists on staff. Most work in a wide range of mediums and can create family heirlooms of your family members, pets or home portraits. Perhaps we can capture a memory for you. Bring us a photo from a special vacation, honeymoon or special event. Our artists can recreate that special time for you with paint!

Home Design and Corporate Collections- If you would like a CD of many of the images and works featured at Almont Gallery, just ask! It is our desire to assist you in your business of bringing original art works into your home or office. We offer a wide range of art both functional and decorative. Art makes a statement of quality and originality. No matter the style, size, price or medium, Almont has what you need!

Public Art Projects and Fundraising- The artists at Almont are committed to the Waukesha Community. We work with a wide range of non-profit organizations in creating art for fundraising. Many of Waukesha Art Crawls feature these projects. We work with others in producing and coordinating special events such as Art Fest and the upcoming Blues Festival. For info on these and other community events see our Links page. Our members can be found on local boards and committees, devoted to the betterment and beauty of Waukesha.